Sunday, 22 Jul 84

Dear Mom & Dad,

Got a letter from you Friday. There is little news (but big news), so I will write.

The weather is still very tolerable. It must be at least 10 cooler than this time last year. We rarely have the fan on. It hasn't rained in about 6 weeks, not even 1 drop. We have recently had a lot of brush fires along the Tangeziale. Whether it rains or not doesn't really affect us. We do hope the temperature stays so nice. There are a lot fewer flies & mosquitoes this year because of the temperature. Also, there are practically NO bugs flying around inside the house since we got all the screens finished.

We will not fly Space Available again, ever, I don't think. It wastes too much vacation time. I'd rather spend my money.

Steven didn't talk about the cargo plane any after we got off. Angelique just told me she didn't like it because of the ear plugs & the seats were too uncomfortable. Some people could see out, but there were only a few windows. There were about 15 or 20 passengers on the plane.

It cost less than $200 per adult, one way from Frankfurt to London. We bought our tickets 2 hrs. before the flight. Surely, a better price could be found with more time. We checked several airlines & they were practically all the same price.

Heathrow is much, much bigger than Gatwick. Heathrow is the busiest airport in the world.

Breakfast was included in our hotel charge. It was an English breakfast. It was very good. I was impressed. I expected a continental breakfast.

The zoo in London was very nice. They had lots of different animals, including a panda.

We do not know where Steven came up with talking about alligators & crocodiles all the time.

Yes, the queen was at Buckingham Palace the day we went.

Ask your travel agent about all those prices of flights from London or Frankfurt. Anything I could find out now wouldn't apply to next March.

I got Angelique's birthday cake ordered Friday. I just took her one of the paper plates. She is one of my patients and does excellent work.

Did Carolyn HAWKINS want me to write or will she write to me first? Did you give her my address? Is she going to North Carolina? Who were they visiting in Harrison besides you?

We got our new bookcase last week. It is the one we ordered before you all came. It is very nice. We put it by the piano. It sure took a long time to get into our house. Someone could have walked from Sweden carrying it in the same length of time.

Yesterday morning we went swimming at the pool at Carney Park. The kids have really done well in swim class this year after only 6 lessons (2 weeks). Angelique wants to spend all her time in the water without her floaties on. So, someone has to be right with her all the time. Steven just wants to stand on the side, jump in, then climb out and start over. He does fine. Both kids just love the pool. I was impressed.

The landlord brought us a sack of peaches last week from his orchards. These sure are good.

Today, I preached at church. We took Deanna (the pregnant girl) to lunch, then brought her to our house for a couple of hours, then Jeannie took her to Capodichino.

If all goes as planned, we will see you in October. Do I need to repeat that or have you already reread that sentence? We will probably fly TWA, together to St. Louis. Then I am going to Kansas City and Jeannie & the kids are going to Little Rock. I am going to the American Academy of Family Physicians national convention. It will be over on 12 October at noon. I will figure out some way to get to Harrison on Friday, 12 Oct. Possibilities are ride to Harrison with another doctor (maybe Dan & Alisa if they are going), or catch a bus to Springfield & ask you to pick me up there.

On Saturday, 13 Oct, Jeannie should join me in Harrison. On Friday the 19th we must be back in Little Rock. Will you be able to take us?

Do not send Steven's birthday presents. He can open them at your house. Make a cake (not chocolate).

How about that?

We look forward to seeing you. I hope this letter made your day.

I will send more detail after I find out.

Take care. Don't get too excited until we are absolutely sure.

Love you lots,

Michael, Jeannie,
Angelique, & Steven

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