Monday Nite
18 June 1984

Dear Mom & Dad,

Thought I'd better write before we leave for London on Thursday. I don't think we will go to Paris or Holland from there. It's an 8-hour ferry to Holland and too expensive & time consuming to go to Paris. If we get tired of London, we'll take a bus or train out into the country.

Steven is getting all excited about buses, planes & trains again. He's ready to pack his suitcase. Angelique & I are getting excited about McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, castles & crowns, etc. Michael would spend every day in the British Museum, I think.

The military plane we are taking is not luxurious. Michael says I'll hate it. But it's cheap, anyway. We'll be back 2 July.

I hope someone lets me know about Cheryl's baby, too. I hope hers is a girl. Michael offered to let me call Daddy Sunday. I reminded him you did not have a telephone. Hope you had a happy Father's Day.

Your package came early last week. Steven enjoys his car bank. Angelique has named her porcelain doll "Marie" and sleeps with it often. Thank you for my present also ... whatever it is. I haven't been allowed to open any birthday presents yet. Michael's mother sent some, too, but again I am the one who has to wait. I'll find out Wednesday.

Angelique would absolutely love anything to do with Care Bears for her birthday. She has a Care Bear necklace, pajamas and a couple of shirts already. Michael's mother may get her the Care Bear game.

I didn't know you were gonna stay home with Jeremy. You had mentioned something about it early in the pregnancy, but I hadn't heard anything else about it. I'm sure Kem & Brenda are pleased. Is Daddy? Are you? Did you permanently resign from your job or just for the summer?

When is your house suppose to be finished? Sounds like they are making progress.

Michael wants a copy of Dr. Royce Money's book Building Stronger Families. He is a professor at Abilene so Harding will probably sell it at their bookstore. Can you see if they have it yet? We'll be glad to reimburse you.

I don't believe I've heard what colors you are going to be using in your house. What color carpets, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. I just might need to know someday.

I've got to run. Write soon.



P.S. Oh, yes, the kids enjoyed their cards. Steven needs to see his Granny Lee & Papaw.

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