Tuesday, 7 Feb 1984

Dear Mom & Dad,

Hi! Hurry and come see us.

What did Dr. Hammon think about you coming to Europe?

The Italians are very fashion conscious. There are no two-toned shirts being worn here. When we are out, we don't like to emphasize that we are different by wearing weird clothes. Sorry.

I can't believe you bought a VCR so fast, especially such an expensive one. What brand is it? Does it have a remote control? Is it a stereo model?

Make us copies of some church of Christ TV shows. Is any of it good enough to show the congregation here? Next time Roy Lee is on TV, tape that.

Are you sure everyone in Boone County wants to see our tape? It was my first one. Most of it was just trying to learn to use my camera. I haven't filmed anything since. I'll never learn to take good pictures at this rate.

I don't need lights on my camera. One candle is enough to film by. The quality would be better with better lighting, though. It's darker in our house here than in the States. I still don't do a good job getting the color just right.

You won't get another tape before you come. All the countryside, etc., you will see yourself.

You are aware that the tour from London to Rome that you sent doesn't start till 18 April, aren't you? That may be because of the snow in the Alps.

Send us some more examples of tours in Europe. Jeannie and I are using what you sent to plan our own trip through Europe this summer.

Jeannie's parents have sold their house and have to move out by the end of the month.

I haven't gotten any forms for filing income tax this year. Can you help me? From the federal I need the 1040 long form, Schedule A and B, Schedule C, Schedule SE, Form 4562, Schedule G, Form 3903. These are old numbers. I hope they haven't changed.

Also, please send me the Arkansas long form 1000 with itemized deductions. Please help!

I haven't figured out how I am going to do all this by myself. I need my accountant.

Last Friday night, the hospital emergency room was busy. I admitted 4 or 5 patients.

Saturday morning we went to a big market in Castelvolturno, about 5 miles north of here.

Saturday afternoon I slept because I was so tired from the night before.

Sunday at lunch we ate at a pizzeria.

Sunday night we had tapes at our house.

Last night a 1 lb. 5 oz. baby was born at the hospital. It lived for several hours. I was on my way to the hospital when it was born. It was nearly dead when I got there. I put a tube into its windpipe (trachea) and helped it breathe or it would have died before the pediatrician got there. I'm surprised it lived as long as it did. Our nursery is not equipped nor with trained personnel to care for a baby twice that big. The mother had been in the hospital for several days, knowing that she might deliver and the baby wouldn't live. She was as surprised as the rest of us that it was alive. She was only about 5 1/2 months pregnant.

One of the boys that was eating supper with us 2 weeks ago was just diagnosed as having diabetes. He is 14. Jeannie made the diagnosis while he was with us, but I kept telling her it wasn't likely. I'll learn to listen next time.

I don't have anything else to say.

It is bedtime so I'll stop & write some more next time. You won't get many more letters before we see you in person.

The multicolored piece of paper is from Angelique (writing & all). She said it was the door to a circus tent.

Lots of love,

Michael, Jeannie,
Angelique, & Steven

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