Monday, 16 Jan 1984

Dear Mom & Dad,

I hope you find someone with a VCR to play this tape on. It lasts 2 hours. I am still learning how to use my camera. The end of the tape is better than the beginning as far as quality goes. This is a copy of the original. Diane has the original with instructions to return it to us after everyone has gotten a chance to see it. You may do whatever you like with your copy.

I'm sure you will notice that the kids have really grown. You will find that this is better than photos and talking to them on the phone. I hope it isn't too boring to see our home movies.

The videocamera is fun, but it sure is hard to operate. There are too many buttons to keep up with.

I was on call this weekend, but didn't get called in for anything. Besides playing with the camera. I studied a lot for a course I am taking this week on Advanced Cardiac Life Support. The first day was tiring. I'm out of practice for sitting through classes.

Saturday, Jeannie went to the Vomero with 3 other girls from church to shop at the after-Christmas sales. The Vomero is the high society section of Naples. She bought a very nice dress for $9.50 and a blue herringbone, 2-piece, fully lined wool suit for only $12.50. Try to beat those prices anywhere in the States (even Walmart).

We plan on going to the circus tomorrow afternoon at 4:30. It is called Nando Ofrei & is the biggest one in Italy, & we think the biggest in Europe. Tickets were $6.50 a piece, even for Angelique. (Steven gets in free.) It is set up just down the street from the NATO base.

This Saturday we plan on going to the Vatican. We will tell the pope you said, "Hello."

I need to go study.

We look forward to your coming. The videotape will help you get reacquainted with the kids. They are real hams for the camera. They enjoyed watching themselves on TV.

Lots of love,

Michael, Jeannie,
Angelique, & Steven

P.S. Steven found a cat at Angelique's school today & said, "Don't worry kitty. We will take you home with us." I don't know where he got such an idea, but Jeannie vetoed it in a hurry. We thought it was cute (Steven, not the cat).

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