11 Aug 1983
Thursday Nite

Dear Diane & Bill & Laura,

Michael came home with a Panasonic PV-1220M VCR today. Is that compatible with your system? I hope so. We watched a Strawberry Shortcake movie tonight that we borrowed from a friend. The kids really liked it.

(Watch out! Here comes the favor asking part!)

If this system is compatible with yours, could you do us a big favor? Could you take this $30.00 and buy us an eight-hour blank tape (T160) and record us 8 hours of Sesame Street? Everyone in this household will save you up plenty of hugs and kisses if you would do that for us. The blank tapes are not expensive here, but we don't know how much they are there. If this is not enough to cover the cost and postage, let me know and we'll send more. If this is more than enough, then just credit the balance to our account for future recordings of Sesame Street or whatever.

I thought Michael would bring a tape of a movie home when he got the VCR, but he looked at the prices and decided we'd just borrow a lot at first.

After talking to the people who have been here a while, we've learned that VCR's are one of the best luxuries to have during the long, wet, cold winters here.

Labor day weekend, I think we'll take a short trip (6 hours) up to Florence to see the sights. We'll probably swing by Pisa on the way home to see the Leaning Tower. I guess we'd better get our reservations made if we're going.

How did the family reunion go? Mom said in her letter today that you were gonna help with the Pace party. Did Laura & Bill go? Did we miss anything exciting?

I love getting your letters. Keep 'em coming. Just write while the students are taking tests and give lots of 'em!

We hope your VCR is VHS. Very few people have Beta here, so we went with what was popular. We cannot record Italian TV, but there's no reason we would want to. The system we bought will work in the States by merely flipping a switch from 220 to 110. What kind of video camera do you have? Everyone here says Panasonic is best. Do you also have a portable VCR? Besides Sesame Street, we would also enjoy a good show once in awhile, such as a good miniseries or other important show (e.g., the final MASH episode would have fit in that category). We would enjoy home movies, too, from your house and/or Searcy. Any tapes that you would want returned we will be sure to get them back to you. Please don't feel obligated to serve as our video club. You are not our only hope. ~~Michael

(Michael is so diplomatic!)


Jeannie & Michael

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