Harrison High School
Class of 1973
Who's Who

Senior Who's Who

from our school annual

Mr. and Miss HHSElaine Ashley and Jackie Mathis
Most CourteousBeth Hammerschmidt and Richie Poe

from our school newspaper, The Goblin, Vol. VII, No. VIII, May, 1973

Most Beautiful and HandsomeJackie Green and Steve Lee
Most AthleticLana Scroggins and Tim McCutcheon
Cutest CoupleSusan and Tommy Everett
WittiestBecky Martin and Jim Tilley
Most Likely to SucceedAnnette Borland and Jim Short
Biggest FlirtBrenda Bell and Jim Tilley
Most TypicalBrenda Eidson and Jerry Pledger
Best LeaderBeth Hammerschmidt and Jerry Pledger
FriendliestBeth Hammerschmidt and Richie Poe
Most StudiousJudith Martin and Ralph Hudson
Best DancerKathi Brisco and Rickie Brasel
Best DressedDebbie Middleton and Jackie Mathis
CutestBrenda Stone and Rick Brasel
LaziestJackie Green and Bob Echols
Most TalentedDebbie Henley and Jim Tilley
Most EnergeticLynn King and Jim Tilley
Best PersonalityBeth Hammerschmidt and Richie Poe
EyesJackie Green and Curtis Pangle
HairElva Terry and Randy Musgrave
LipsJackie Green and Randy Musgrave
Most MatureBrenda Eidson and Terry English
HandsKathi Brisco and Curtis Pangle
EarsBecky Martin and Steve Duck
ComplexionAnna Sue Johnson and Steve Lee
SmileAnna Sue Johnson and Jackie Mathis
School SpiritLynn King and O. J. Phillips
Best All AroundElaine Ashley and Jackie Mathis
FeetLinda Dickey and Donny Gredell
NoseCheryl Ramsey and Mike Terpening
PhysiqueLinda Dickey and Steve Lee
TeethElaine Ashley and Steve Lee
LegsBrenda Stone and Tim McCutcheon

Senior Cheerleaders

Elaine Ashley, captain
Brenda Stone
Malia Harden

Senior Homecoming Court

Malia Harden, queen
Anna Sue Johnson
Brenda Stone

Senior Football Players

Rich Arnold
Joe Bowers
Mike Dodson
Bob Echols
Terry English
Tommy Everett
Steve Lee
Randy Musgrave
Jackie Mathis
Darrell Rands
Curtis Pangle
Jerry Pederson
Jim Terminella
Mike Terpening
Rich Thornton
Danny Watts
John Watts

All-District Players

Richie Arnold
Mike Dodson
Terry English
Steve Lee
Jackie Mathis
Curtis Pangle
Jim Terminella
Mike Terpening
John Watts

AA All-State Team

Jackie Mathis
Curtis Pangle

Senior Majorettes

Debbie Henley, drum major
Linda Dickey, captain
Becky Phillips, co-captain
Jeanie McCauley
Susan Taylor

Senior Band Members

Brenda Bell, flute
Michael Cole, trumpet
Linda Dickey, flute
Mary Fleenor, trombone
Debbie Henley, clarinet
Mike Hinkle, French horn
Rita Hollingsworth, clarinet
Larry Keener, trumpet
Becky Martin, clarinet
Judy Martin, flute
Jeannie McCauley, bass
Joe Morris, trumpet
Becky Phillips, clarinet
Richie Poe, French horn
Susan Taylor, sax
Glenn Woodruff, clarinet

Senior All-Region Band

Michael Cole
Debbie Henley
Becky Martin
Judy Martin
Joe Morris
Richie Poe
Glenn Woodruff
Brenda Bell, alternate

Senior Colors Day Court

Elaine Ashley, queen
Linda Dickey
Jackie Green

1973 Annual Queen

Jackie Green, queen
Becky Stobaugh, 1st runnerup
Anna Sue Johnson, 2nd runnerup
Brenda Stone, 3rd runnerup
Debbie Middleton, 4th runnerup

Senior Annual Staff

Lynn King, editor
Debbie Stevenson
Danielle Harness
Mike Hinkle
Lu Colliver
Nancy Somers
Eileen Hunt
Beth Hammerschmidt
Jil Gregg
Argie Duncan, photographer
Clark Trantham, photographer

Senior Newspaper Staff

Malia Harden, editor
Mari Alice Watkins, editor
Cheryl Ramsey, assistant editor
Richie Poe, sports editor
Greg Carlton, sports editor
Bob Echols, sports editor
Elaine Ashley, class editor
Linda Dickey, feature editor
Anna Sue Johnson, feature editor
Clark Trantham, photographer
Argie Duncan, photographer


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