Harrison High School
Class of 1973
Goblin Sports
District 1AA Champs

The Year Of The Goblins

from our school newspaper, The Goblin, Vol. VII, No. VIII, May, 1973

      As we, the Seniors of '73, look back over our final year of high school sports, we find that we have broken, set, and established many records in football, basketball, track, and tennis.
      The quest for a winner all started on August 14, with the football team on the field, hitting, throwing, and doing a lot of running. Sometimes as the days grew hotter, the practices longer and harder and the coaches seemingly unbearable, we had thoughts as to what we were doing. But with our opening win against Fort Smith St. Anne's, we finally realized it was worth a little work. And as the season progressed and we won one game, and then another it became even more clear. And that fateful night on October 13, when we defeated Bentonville to give us our first football championship team in fifteen years, well then we really knew it was worth every bit of work we had put into it.
      With winning the district championship we went proudly to the state playoffs. In our first game against Mena we dominated and won. As we proceeded to the second round, we faced Newport. Although we were defeated (?), we came back home with pride in our hearts. We proved something to many people that we were CHAMPIONS!
      Not many weeks after school started, a common sight on the HHS campus during sixth period were the basketball players hard at getting in shape for the coming season. For weeks, we could be seen running around the track, and we too wondered what we were doing.
      As our season opened on November 14, we proved that the Gobs had come to play ball. As the season progressed, and the string of victories were rolled up, we proved to many people that the basketball team was also a champion. When we won the district title, it proved that the Goblins were again tops.
      Once more we traveled to state tournament. We played three hard games before being beaten (?) by Monticello in the semi-finals. But we came home proud, proud to be both a Goblin and CHAMPIONS.
      Although some people believe that track takes a back seat to other sports, here at HHS we found this to be a false statement.
      Once again our hard pre-season conditioning proved to be a strong point as we won various track meets and totally dominated the Goblin Relays. We established many records, and once again traveled to compete for the district title. We won the title by a very convincing point total.
      Even though the tennis team is not as publicized as the other sports, we are well represented. Here again the Goblins proved they were CHAMPIONS by taking the district title.
      Four sports, four district championships, not bad, but some of you are saying, "Seniors aren't the only people on a team." True, but their leadership helped mold the sophomores and juniors into one unit, and helped them become CHAMPIONS, too.
      So, seniors, thirty years from now, you can look back and say with pride and sincerity in your heart, "1973 WAS TRULY THE YEAR OF THE GOBLIN."

The year of the Goblins was made by athletes
with pride in what had come before
and a dream of the glory yet to come.

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