Harrison High School
Class of 1973
Goblin Pride

The Goblin Looks At
The Class of '73
by Richie Poe

from our school newspaper, The Goblin, Vol. VII, No. VIII, May, 1973

      Have you ever thought about the Goblin in the middle of the basketball court? Really, have you ever wondered about the things that he has felt and seen since the Class of '73 came to H.H.S.? Well, we have, and the things that this mascot has witnessed over the past three years are amazing.
      He has felt the pounding feet of basketballers striving for victory, has heard the shuffling of football captains' feet as they spoke at a pep rally. He has heard the band playing the Bud song and felt the vibrations of thousands of feet urging the Gobs on. He has truly known the glory of victory as well as the emptiness of defeat.
      Along with the fierce struggles and athletic competitions he's heard wavering voices address the crowds at student body elections, and has heard the voices of three different principals echoing through the gymnasium.
      He has heard cries of protest from students and heard the answers of the faculty. He has heard band concerts, and has seen beautiful queens reigning over beautiful assemblies, and has seen over 75 students tapped into the National Honor Society.
      Throughout all of this, he has watched in silence. And although he was scarcely ever mentioned, his never-ending presence has always inspired the mighty Goblins.
      We, the senior class of '73, however, have come to know the Goblin as more than "a picture on the floor"; he has become a symbol of our growth from sophomores who thought we knew everything to seniors who are only now realizing that we've just begun.
      We sincerely hope that the desires that have scarred the Goblin's face with shoe scuffs and chair marks have added virtues to our lives that will never fade away.
      We, the Class of '73, now offer a special will to the juniors and sophomores of H.H.S. We will to you the pride that we have felt being a Goblin, and trust that you can carry on his tradition as it was meant to be!

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