1997 Medical Mission:
Guyana, South America
(Expectations of a 17-Year-Old)

June 7th: Wake up at 4:00 a.m. and go to airport. Check in all luggage, wait a few hours, then get on plane. Take off, use barf bag, and land in Dallas. Get off plane, run to next gate and wait for 6 hours. Get on new plane, get bored, sleep, eat bland food, and land in Trinidad. Get off plane, wait, then get back on same plane and take off. Arrive in Guyana late at night, change watches, and stand in line. Check passports, wait nervously for luggage. Pile lots o’ people into little vans and drive like a madman to Pegasus Hotel. Go to rooms and sleep!

June 8th: Wake up, eat, and go to church. Meet new people. Have "Steve’s Rules" meeting. Swim in pool, worry about tomorrow, pray, and sleep.

June 9-13th: Wake up early, eat, pile into vans and drive through chaos to distant village. Sweat and fan. Personal workers talk loudly in crowded rooms about the Gospel. Save souls. Go hoarse. Doctors see a kazillion patients and smile at each one. Teenagers sing songs with local kids and go hoarse. Go back to hotel, rest, eat, and go back. Have crusade. Singing and preaching and bugs! Go back to hotel and sleep!

June 13th: Leave clinic early to go to hotel to pack and leave for airport. Stand around for hours, board, and take off. Arrive in Grenada late and walk like zombies to rooms. Sleep.

June 14th: Do Grenada! Tour, swim, tan, fish, snorkel, etc!

June 15th: Go to airport and board plane. Play spades for the umpteenth-billionth time. Repeat first day’s process in reverse. Go home and sleep!

by Angelique (Cole) Moses
30 April 1997

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