7410 Oxford Place
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72903-4232
December 1999

Dear loved ones,

It's been a great year around our house and we hope you, too, have been enjoying the Lord's blessings. We would prefer to visit with you in person, but we hope you'll find this short letter a suitable substitute till we can see you again. We wish there were space on this page to share with you all of our adventures on three continents this year.

Michael, one of two family physicians in Roland, Oklahoma, since 1987, is now employed by Sparks Hospital of Fort Smith. In June he coordinated his 9th short-term medical mission team to Guyana, South America, then visited the Carribean island of Grenada. Attending the national American Academy of Family Physicians convention in Orlando in September, he & Jeannie learned firsthand about Hurricane Floyd. Michael continues to maintain hundreds of Web pages, including the West-Ark Church of Christ Web site which receives almost 200,000 hits from 65 countries each month. He still finds time for genealogy.

Jeannie, first vice president of Arkansas PTA and a member of the Fort Smith school board, was given the "Spirit of the Frontier" award by the city of Fort Smith. With her photo on the front cover of their 1 October edition, the Arkansas Times named her an "Arkansas Public School Hero." After serving as a Bible teacher and Michael's assistant in Guyana and Grenada, Jeannie attended the National PTA convention in Portland, Oregon, in June. She teaches and co-authors lessons for the ladies' Bible class program at church.

Steven, now a high school senior, recently turned 18 years old. His driver's education course, selling Cutco knives, and attending Harding University's Honors Symposium kept him busy all summer. Steven sings baritone with Johnny Rebs, his school's elite chorus. He recently placed 4th chair in the All-Region Choir. He keeps busy at home working on a complicated computer program he is writing on his Pentium III-600 and plans to enter it in the school science fair.

Angelique and Greg Moses, our daughter and son-in-law, are now juniors at Harding University. They spent the summer studying at Harding's campus in Florence, Italy. They visited lots of great places in Europe between Ephesus, Turkey, and Edinburgh, Scotland. Michael and Jeannie traveled with Greg's parents to Italy to visit the kids, as well as tour Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, and even Amsterdam, Holland.

It's our prayer that this Christmas will be filled with joy and that you may be surrounded by those you love. We hope the new year will bring you greater happiness, prosperity, and peace.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Michael, Jeannie, & Steven Cole

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