Happy Holidays

from our house to yours

Seasons Greetings

We hope this letter finds you doing well and living under God's mercy. The Lord continues to bless us in incredible ways. As usual the four of us try to go in too many different directions at once and never seem to have enough hours per day. It has been a wonderful year at our house and we would like to share our excitement with you.

Steven, now 16 and a sophomore, attended a word processing class at the community college this summer after 2 weeks at church camp. Continuing to enjoy computer games, he has started taking computer programming classes. He is learning to speak German. Steven decided to stop playing cornet in band and now sings baritone in his high school choir. We were very proud of him for making the All-Region Choir his first year as a singer. He is turning into a good song leader at church. He now drives the car his sister had in high school. He is happy to finally have the braces off his teeth.

Angelique turned 18 this year and is off to college. This has been a monumental year for her. She and her high school sweetheart, Greg Moses, directed a school play together in February. After dating for 2 years, Greg gave her an engagement ring during Spring break while skiing in Colorado. They were both awarded the Arkansas Governor's Scholarship which almost fully pays for their college education at Harding University in Searcy. Angelique is majoring in elementary education and Bible. Greg is a pre-med student. Their January 2nd wedding has been dominating our fall and holiday season. Though we think they are a bit young for marriage, we never could find a good reason to run off this fine Christian and National Merit Scholar who brings out the best in our daughter.

Jeannie continues to serve as the Northwest Region Field Service Representative for Arkansas PTA. She was chairman of this year's state PTA convention. She later attended the National PTA Convention in Kansas City. Jeannie helped teach Vacation Bible School at church and continues to be a ladies' Bible class teacher. She was elected to the Fort Smith School Board this fall.

Michael passed his Family Practice Board recertification exam. He and Jeannie attended the national Family Physician's convention in Chicago. With his practice doing well, he and his partner decided to become strictly outpatient doctors, meaning he doesn't make rounds at the hospital any more, but still takes call. Michael finds less time to work on genealogy due to his Internet projects. He is the Webmaster for the award-winning church's Home Page, for 3 Guyana mission groups, for a patient health care site, and for his personal and genealogy Web pages.

Michael led his 7th annual medical mission team from West-Ark church of Christ to Guyana, South America. This year Greg Moses accompanied the four Coles on the trip. Over 2000 patients were seen and 51 were baptized. We enjoyed a weekend on the Carribean island of Grenada with the team as we returned to the States.

If you haven't yet mailed us a note, we would love to hear from you. We hope to see you at the big wedding. It is our prayer that you will be enriched by the joys of this holiday season and that the coming year will be your best ever.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Michael, Jeannie, Angelique, & Steven Cole

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