Happy Holidays from our house to yours!

We hope that this letter finds you in good health and good spirits. We write this for those who want to hear about the adventures God has granted us in 1994. Our family would love to hear about how you have been blessed this year.

Both kids spent two weeks at church camp in June. In September we all spent several days enjoying Boston, Massachusetts, where Michael attended a medical convention. Our whole family is constantly discovering new ways to use the computers. Even with two IBM-compatibles in our house, we still have to wait our turn sometimes.

Michael is much busier since moving into his new clinic in March. In June he led a team of 48 people to Guyana, South America, on a medical missions trip. There they treated over 1,600 patients and converted 56 people to Christ in five days. Michael, who continues to work on genealogy in his spare time, recently completed a 433-page book on the Cowan family.

Jeannie is busy as city-wide PTA president and is a member of the mayor's Youth Crime Task Force. (Angelique often complains that the phone is always tied up.) Jeannie continues to sing soprano with Fort Smith Chorale. She leads singing, teaches, or lectures at a weekly ladies' Bible class. In July she directed Vacation Bible School for her sixth year. She worked as a Bible teacher while in Guyana.

Angelique, 15 and in high school, is very active with numerous school activities and keeps her parents driving back and forth to school at every conceivable hour, every day of the week. (This is apparently a trick known to every 15-year-old so that as soon as the 16th birthday is reached a car will be quickly purchased.) Angelique went out on her first real date this year. She attended Arkansas Choir Camp in July and continues to sing alto in the school choir. She was props director for one school play and had a minor acting role in another in addition to being a stage hand for both. She is a talented computer graphics artist and has designed printed programs used at many school functions.

Steven, 13 and in junior high, is now taller than his mother. His voice has deepened considerably and he now wears the same size shoe as his dad. He plays trumpet in the beginners' band. All the practicing is probably causing his gerbil to lose its hearing. Steven is a member of a math competition team. His Gifted & Talented team is working on a time machine. Currently, he is trying to teach himself magic tricks. He likes to play computer games, but gets less and less time for them as he finds the computers are often tied up for "more important" projects.

We pray that the coming year will provide many happy and healthy experiences for you. Please keep in touch!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Michael, Jeannie, Angelique, & Steven Cole
7410 Oxford Place, Fort Smith, AR 72903
December 1994

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