December 1990

We so enjoy hearing what everyone has been up to throughout the year. It helps us to feel a little closer to those we rarely see. If you are of like mind, continue reading. If not, discontinue reading, look at the photo card, and just imagine what such people would have been doing in 1990.

Michael's clinic in Roland, Oklahoma, continues to do well. He took time to direct a week long door-knocking campaign at church in the Spring. He passed the recertification Family Practice boards exam in the Summer. He is presently busy with the missions committee at church, where he is trying to organize a medical mission to South America. Michael is still collecting vital statistics on dead relatives and questionable kinfolk.

Jeannie directed vacation Bible school at church in the Summer. She continues to teach in ladies' Bible class. She sings soprano with Fort Smith Chorale and directs One-A-Chord, a ladies' a capella group. Jeannie's newest endeavor is being P.T.A. vice-president. These responsibilities and the activities of the kids keep her very busy.

Angelique, now in the 6th grade, is playing the violin in the school orchestra. She went to church camp for a week for the first time and had a ball! She recently completed a babysitting course, and is now certified a Safesitter. Angelique made the honor roll at school. She sang in the Christmas play with Fort Smith Children's Theatre.

Steven, a third grader, is a cub scout. He played catcher for his church league baseball team. He enjoyed camping out for the first time when he and Michael went to a weekend Boy Scout camp. He has started collecting stamps. Steven is on the honor roll at school, where he recently received a good citizen award. He thinks he wants to be a scientist.

The family flew to Colorado where Michael took his test. While there we saw the usual tourist places around Denver and Colorado Springs. We all thought it was neat to play in the snow in July.

Michael went to lectures at a week long medical convention in Dallas in October while Jeannie enjoyed a vacation from mother and homemaker chores. Jeannie toured Southfork Ranch, but didn't see J.R. We saw a rodeo and a Smothers Brothers performance. We ate at Italian restaurants four times.

There was recently a lot of excitement in our house the afternoon the painter fell off his ladder and spilled paint all over the carpet and our inlaid wood dining table and chairs. Jeannie learned that it takes a lot of gasoline and elbow grease to remove oil based paint from wood. Fortunately for the painter, we had already planned to replace the carpet the following week. The chairs will have to have new upholstery, but otherwise there is no evidence of the paint spill. We are quite a bit later than usual this year about getting our Christmas greetings in the mail because we have been busy putting up lots of wallpaper in our front rooms.

We truly enjoy receiving Christmas cards from those who are special to us in some unique way. You are often in our thoughts and prayers. May God bless you with an exciting year ahead. Let us all pray fervently for peace in the Persian Gulf region. May God's love provide us all peace within ourselves.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,
With LOVE from our house to yours,

Michael, Jeannie, Angelique, & Steven Cole

Angelique, Michael, Jeannie, and Steven - Christmas 1990

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