Dear loved ones,

We hope you have been blessed by the Lord as richly as we have in 1988. We think of you often and wish we could share more time together.

We have become quite settled here and believe we will stay in our present house for a very long time. Fort Smith had problems with water shortage again since we had the driest, hottest summer ever. Nevertheless, we planted grass, many flowers, shrubs, and trees and look forward to watching them grow.

The highlight of our summer was a weekend reunion with friends we went to church with in Naples, Italy. Our house was crowded with 18 people, but we all had a great time.

We enjoyed a weekend trip recently to Glen Rose, Texas, where we saw human footprints in stone alongside dinosaur tracks. It was exciting to see evidence that would destroy Evolution if more scientists would pay attention to the findings there.

Michael continues to get busier at the clinic, all the while trying to deliver medical care with a Christian perspective. In the fall a senior medical student worked and learned under him. Michael continues to enjoy genealogy and his new Commodore 128 computer. He is teaching a high school class each week at church.

Jeannie is keeping busy with various responsibilities. She wrote scripts and directed puppet shows for Vacation Bible School. She is singing every Monday night with the Fort Smith Chorale. She gave several lectures at ladies' Bible class in the fall. She directs a ladies singing group every week. She does volunteer work at the kids' elementary school.

Angelique is in the fourth grade. She has lots of homework, but is doing fine this year. During the summer she took a science course at the community college. She is taking piano lessons. She recently sprained her ankle and had to use crutches for several days.

Steven is now in the first grade. He quickly adjusted to academic requirements and is doing well. He takes music lessons after school once a week. He is a tiger cub (part of the Boy Scouts). He has an outgoing personality, making lots of friends.

May God provide you with adventure and satisfaction in 1989. We would love to hear from you. Come see us when you can.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Michael, Jeannie, Angelique, & Steven
7410 Oxford Place, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72903

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