December 2000

Dear loved ones,

We hope this message finds you enjoying the day in which you read these words. We think of you often, though we seldom find the time to share with you how important our friends and family are to us. The landmark year 2000 has just about finished making its mark on history, so it’s again time to make a brief record of how we’ve used the opportunities that the Lord has granted us.

Michael & Jeannie spent a week in South America with Michael’s 10th medical mission team to Guyana. On the way to the national family physician convention, our car was rear-ended on the freeway in Dallas without serious injuries. We spent a week in Greece to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, as well as freedom from children at home. Details of the trip are on our Web site at www.theColeFamily.com/greece

Michael has maintained www.WestArkChurchofChrist.org for 5 years and is now serving as an elder/shepherd for the church. After nearly a lifetime of searching, Michael made a major breakthrough this summer on his paternal grandfather’s family tree, finding lots of new cousins.

Jeannie was the chairman for the state PTA convention. As Arkansas PTA 1st vice president, she attended the national convention in Chicago and the Texas state convention, besides a seminar in Boston and numerous statewide PTA functions. She keeps busy writing Bible study materials and teaching ladies’ Bible classes. We certainly miss her dad who died in February.

Angelique, who turned 21 this year, and her husband Greg Moses are in their final year at Harding University. She’s busy with her cat and computer. Greg spent the summer doing genetic research in Pennsylvania while Angelique took classes at Harding. She’s now the Webmaster for www.DowntownChurch.org in Searcy. Greg is busy being interviewed for M.D./Ph.D. programs.

Steven completed his high school senior year after participating in the state math contest, singing in the All-State Choir, scoring 2nd place in the state science fair with a computer program, and visiting New York City. After music camp he entered the freshman class at Harding University where he is majoring in computer engineering and singing baritone with the chorus.

It is our prayer that you’ll find yourself surrounded by those you love this holiday season. May the Lord bless you richly in the coming year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Michael & Jeannie

7410 Oxford Place, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72903-4232

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